The Box

Here it is–the box that’s jam-packed with my mom’s perfect handwriting, sitting in front of my less than clean microwave.


The front looks like it began to fall off and then became sticky, and matted back onto the container. It’s covered in old food, probably Crisco, that has turned to grime and dirt. A soft layer of dust rests on the lid from not being opened in 5 to 6 years. It had the faint scent of must that my house gives off.

Inside, there are tons of recipes. There’s everything from cookies, to sauce, to shrimp linguini. There are also a few empty note cards stuffed in the front. Along with my mom’s recipes, there are some from friends and family, as well as some from magazines and a couple that I assume came with the box.

There are over a hundred recipes stuffed into this 4×6 box, and I plan to take on each and every one.

Hope I make you proud, mum.




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