My Discover Challenge: You Raise Me Up

The first time I heard Josh Groban was in my mom’s white Town and Country when I was still too young to sit in the front seat. She had more than enough of his CD’s, but her favorite song was always “You Raise Me Up.”

Music was always a big part in my house. It’s actually how my parents met. Both my mom and my dad were in a church folk-group when they were younger. They also had a band together called the New Light Singers. I need to get a picture of their album cover. My dad’s fro was sick.

My mom sang for the band and my dad would play the guitar. Eventually they began dating and soon enough, they were married with three kids. If it weren’t for music, I probably wouldn’t be here.

I’m not sure when my mom fell in love with Josh Groban, but everyone knew that was her song. Maybe it’s because it portrayed her so well. Her strength can be heard in the chorus. When you watched her listen to that song, it was like she was meditating, so peaceful and happy.

The song holds so much of her in it. I can’t help but tear up every single time it comes on the radio. It was beautifully sung at my mom’s funeral, which was one of the hardest and most emotional moments I have ever experienced. A single song had the power behind it to send over 200 people into tears.


I have since got the title inked on my ribs (sorry dad). It’s a constant reminder of my moms strength and presence. And hey, if my mom can get a tattoo, I can too, right?



via Discover Challenge: Song



  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your mom. We had trouble having kids so, when you came along, we loved all 3 of you so much! It was a joy watching you grow and learn about life. I was actually a little jealous of Josh Groban! You brought up a lot of memories of her and you guys reading your post. Thank you for that. I see so much of her in you. Your quiet strength, your concern for fairness, your enjoyment of cooking and baking….. Thank you for being the confident, beautiful young woman that you are. Your tattoos do not change who you are. And they do not change my love for you.


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