Another Annoying Election Post

I hate to be that person to post about the election, I really do. Ever since I woke up at 4:30 this morning for work I have seen nothing but hate on social media.

“If you voted for Trump you can delete me as a friend”

“”If you voted for Hillary you can delete me as a friend”

“If you voted for Trump, you’re a racist, sexist bigot”

We all thought that election posts were going to end after the new president was elected, but it only has seem to have gotten worse.

I feel personally betrayed by friends who have told me to delete them off of social media because my views aren’t the same as theirs. I’m hurt when I see people saying that just because I voted a certain way means that I am racist, sexist, and a bigot.

Hate is what is going to drive this country apart.

If you as a United States citizen don’t support our president, regardless of whom it may be, you are causing the separation and hate in this country. Not the president.

Everyone has different needs.

Some people might have voted for Trump because they need a better healthcare system.

Some people might have voted for Hillary because they need strong LGBT laws.

Just because someone voted a particular way doesn’t mean they’re voting against the opposing way.

Voting for Hillary doesn’t mean you support late-term abortion.

Voting for Trump doesn’t mean you don’t support the LGBT community.

Somewhere in each of the contenders policies is something that is important to you. Important enough that you voted for them, regardless of their stance on other subjects.

Everyone has their own struggles that need addressed. If you find it necessary to send hate and end friendships just because some people’s needs are different than yours, I invite you to step back and look at all the other qualities of that person. Is it really worth ending a friendship over?

We are created different and unique. That is what makes life wonderful.


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