Grandma’s Homemade Gravy

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Christmas decorations are going up and trees are being decorated. Finals week is just around the corner.

Time is going by too fast.

A couple weeks ago, I was ecstatic to hear that Westmoreland Mall ,where I worked, was going to be closed on Thanksgiving. The thought of spending the holidays with my family glued a smile to my face. It had been so long since I was able to sit down with my dad’s side of the family due to crappy work hours. I was finally going to be able to enjoy some quality family time.

We have always celebrated Thanksgiving at my house. My dad has done a wonderful job of continuing my mom’s Thanksgiving tradition. She would be up at six in the morning cooking and cleaning. She wouldn’t go to sleep until every dish was cleaned and put away, which was usually not until two in the morning.

Every Thanksgiving morning I would wake up and be ready to clean the house. I always dusted the living room and cleaned the bathroom. My brothers usually worked outside and helped put the dinner table together. I can remember my mom listening to Josh Groban on repeat loud enough to hear over the vaccum cleaner. The Thanksgiving parade was always muted on the television, which would soon turn to ESPN by one of my brothers. There was usually a fire growing in our fireplace, keeping our house warm. My cat, uno, curled up in a ball right in front of it. Thanksgiving is such a cozy memory.

It has always been my job to make the Green Bean Casserole. Simple, really. Just put together green beans, cream of mushroom soup, some teriyaki sauce and french fried onions with some seasoning and you’re good. One year, I accidentally put three tablespoons of pepper instead of three teaspoons. It was gross, but my family lied and said it wasn’t that bad.

At least our sinuses were clear.

This year, I decided to help my grandma make her turkey gravy. My grandma has made my entire family’s birthday cakes since we were born, only recently stopping. She has made everything from a giant barbie cake to a wilderness cake in the shape of a mountain. Now she makes everyone their favorite dessert. She makes me tiramisu, my oldest brother, Eric, key lime pie, and my other brother, Ethan, pumpkin rolls. She also hosts and cooks Christmas dinner and birthday dinners for my whole family. My grandpa has recently began to help her due to her trouble with mobility, but the food still tastes just as good.

She was mid-sentence–“This is me and Jess making gravy!”

We cramped in to our kitchen and began by mixing together 1/4 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour. We shook it up in a mixing container until it was thick in consistency. We then filled a sauce pan half full with turkey broth. (We used liquid from the Thanksgiving turkey, but any type of turkey broth will do.) We added 1/4 cup of water to the turkey brother, then slowly stirred in the flour mixture while on medium heat. We had to add a bit more flour mixture to get the desired consistency.

This gravy goes great on turkey or mashed potatoes. I’m not a fan of stuffing, but I imagine it tastes good on those as well. In a time where people are more into convenience compared to quality, it is nice to have a simple family tradition that tastes so good.



Grandma’s Turkey Gravy


1/2 cup water

2 tbs flour

4 cups turkey broth


Shake together 1/4 cup of water and 2 tbs of flour

Fill a sauce pan with about 4 cups or turkey broth

Add 1/4 cup of water to broth

Slowly stir in flour mixture on medium heat

Add more flour mixture until desired consistency


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