Every time I glanced into my cupboard to grab salt or a tea bag, I’d see that small, forest green plastic container overflowing with recipe cards and magazine cut-outs. The only thing I knew that was in there was the recipe to my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies. The cut-out had become faded and stained with the ingredients. Luckily, it was a recipe I knew well.

My mom was always a good cook. One of my fondest memories was how she seemed to dance in the kitchen. She’d move with such grace that it made her cooking seem effortless, but it tasted anything but.

After she passed away in 2011, I tried holding on to so many things–her clothes, stories, pictures–but nothing seemed to fill that void. Once I moved into my own apartment, I had to start cooking more than just Ramen. I began thinking of the best things that my mom used to make–cookies, meatballs, mashed potatoes–and I started to try and remake them off of memory (and a little help from the internet.) Some were good, but most weren’t quite like hers.


Instead of relying on memories, I’m going to take you on an adventure through my mom’s favorite recipes. The same ones that have been crammed into that green container. I will follow the recipes word for word, and I’ll probably burn some things along the way. Don’t worry, I promise it’s not all going to be grey skies and thunderstorms. But who doesn’t love cooking on a rainy day?